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Los Besos En El Pan Almudena Grandes Pdf

In April 2007, Grandes was one of the signatories of a manifesto, in which a group of intellectuals considered it unacceptable to commit acts of terrorism; in addition, during the demonstration after ETA's attack on Madrid Airport, she read the statement "For peace, life, liberty and against terrorism." That attack, in which two people died, marked the end of a ceasefire during which ETA had been in negotiation with the government of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.[15] Grandes also gave her opinion about Spanish society, which she argued had become dumb and vulgar,[16] and blighted by consumerism, materialism, and indifference to suffering.[16] In Los besos en el pan (2015), she wrote about the Spanish crisis of 2008 and claimed that humility was the only way to get rid of it.[16]

Los Besos En El Pan Almudena Grandes pdf



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