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Because I got the game to work in windowed on Windows 10 64-bit (as well as Windows 7 64-bit), I felt like writing it up in a detailed guide might be a good idea. Most of the information I will list here can be found on the [Prince of Persia unofficial website]( ). This guide assumes that you do *not* have a physical copy of the game. If you do have the original CDs you might be able to use them in Step 4 & 6 (untested assumption).#How to install the game**1.** Install a program which creates virtual CD/DVD drives--such as [Virtual CloneDrive]( ) ([direct download]( )) (with the default settings).**2.** Use the first download link from [here]( ) and unpack the .zip file with WinRAR. This should yield the files pop3d.nfo, .r00, .r01, .rar and .sfv. **3.** Unpack pop3d.rar with WinRAR. The password for doing so can be found at the linked site as well. This leaves you with a folder "Prince of Persia 3D" containing two sub-folders "DOX" and "IMAGES".**4.** Now it is time to install the game. In the images folder double-click on pop3d-cd1.ccd. If step 1 was done correctly, this should mount the PoP3D installation CD in a virtual drive which in the PC overview window should look similar to this (please don't mind the german language here): -clicking this should open the installer: the game in a location of your choice. You just need to install the base game--neither QuickTime 4, nor DirectX 6.1 nor Windows Media Player should be installed!To make things work, we need to apply a few fixes:**5a.** In the folder "DOX" of the downloaded files you find the folder "Patch". Copy "PoP3D_Unpacked_Patch_v1.01.rar" into the game directory and unpack it there (replace all duplicate files).**5b.** From "DOX" > "Unprotected_POP3D.exe" copy POP3D.exe into the game directory. **5c.** To preclude frame drops or performance issues, get the latest stable version of dgVoodoo2 which can be downloaded [here]( ) ([direct link]( Open the downloaded .zip--it should contain a folder MS with three .dll files in it. Copy those (D3D8.dll, D3Dlmm.dll and DDraw.dll) into the game directory.To turn off the dgVoodoo watermark in-game, also copy the dgVoodoo.conf file into the game directory. Open it with notepad, search (Ctrl+F) for the option "dgVoodooWatermark", change the respective line to "dgVoodooWatermark = false" and save.*Alternatively* to **5c** you could also try to use [DDrawCompat v0.2.1]( ) ([direct link]( )): Simply extract the ddraw.dll from the downloaded into the game directory. This step has the drawback that it obliterates the section about playing this game in windowed mode.**6.** The last step should be to go into the IMAGES folder once again and activate *pop3d-cd2.ccd* (i.e. mount CD2 of POP3D). Running pop3d.exe from the game directory now should make the game work and run (for now in fullscreen; if you want to play the game in windowed mode make sure to additionally follow [this guide]( _3d/guide/rku4s)). # Get the minimizer to work (Win7 only)This paragraph is of interest to you if you want to run the [Any% Alt Tab category]( _3d#Any_Alt-Tab) and if your PC uses a Windows 7 OS.If you have the game in windowed (as described in [this guide]( _3d/guide/rku4s)) you may download the minimizer program from the [resources]( _3d/resources) and place the executable anywhere. After renaming pop3d.exe to POP3D.exe--capitalization matters here--you can start the game and afterwards PoP3DMinimize.exe. This should open a blank window: pressing num-5 should make the game minimize and pressing num-5 again should revert that. With this you should be able to alt-tab clip! (Does not work on Win10 because alt-tabbing does not induce any lag frames due to Windows Aero)# Known problems* The downloaded files include a folder "Crack" which should enable playing the game without having CD2 inserted (i.e. without Virtual CloneDrive). Sadly, I have not been able to make this work yet.* If the game behaves weirdly in the sense that some levels do not load and the prince clips through rising elevators, a known fix is to turn on the FPS counter in dxwnd (cf.the [guide to play the game in windowed]( _3d/guide/rku4s) ). We believe the underlying problem to be about the game running in more than 60FPS (so another possibility is to turn on Vsync in dxwnd and/or force Vsync on in the settings of your graphics card).

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