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Spyro The Dragon [SCUS-94228] __HOT__

spyro is a great game. its very easy if you just bust through the game without collecting all the loot, rescuing all the dragons, and recovering all the eggs. but if you choose to take on the task of 100% completion, it can be a very fun, somewhat challenging experience. some may find it tedious, but i find it to be "theraputic". the relaxing gameplay complimented by the brilliant soundtrack will leave you with a warm feeling inside.

Spyro The Dragon [SCUS-94228]

Spyro the Dragon is one of those games that I consider like a feel good game. Heck, even my mother played it back in the day. In Spyro you are a dragon with a dragonfly sidekick helping with restoring all your dragonfolk to their former selves after being turned to stone by a villain named "Gnasty Gnorc" (I know, I know, sounds silly but remember, this were the ps1 era). It's pretty fun collecting gems and participating in flying minigames but the bane of my existence back then was catching the egg thief. So, if you're looking for a game where you could relax and just chill for a few hours collecting gems and chasing thieves (and breathing fire on mooning enemies) then this game is for you.

In this game, the very first of this wonderful series, you take the role of Spyro the Dragon as the title implys. As the game starts off, a couple of older dragons seem to be recording an interview of some sort, and Spyro is poking his head around in the camera. Suddenly, the dragons turn to crystal one by one, Spyro being the only survivor. As the only dragon left, you must flame, charge, and glide your way through the many levels, freeing dragons and collecting treasure, in order to defeat the vicous Gnasty Gnorc.

Spyro the Dragon is THE platformer game for the PSX. You take on the role of Spyro and your mission is to save all of the other dragons who have been basically petrified, reclaim all of the dragon treasure that has been stolen, and defeat the evil Gnasty Gnorc who is the cause of all the trouble. Spyro the Dragon is in a class of its own... There are many good platformer games for the PSX but this one is the greatest! This game is awesome even by today's standards and truly has stood the test of time. Spyro the Dragon packs a good story line, lovable characters, excellent game play, and ABSOLUTELY STUNNING polygonal 3-D graphics!! This title is a must play for gamers of all ages so stop reading this and download it now! ;)

El malvado Gnasty Gnorc ha convertido en piedra a todos los dragones, salvo al pequeño Spyro, que gracias a su pequeño tamaño ha logrado esconderse de la catástrofe. Su objetivo, junto a su libélula Sparx, es salvar a los dragones y vencer al malvado Gnasty Gnorc. Se debe avanzar por diversas fases. 041b061a72


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