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Ryan Harris

Cliff Notes

I read The Challenger Sale a few months ago and took some detailed notes. Unlike most sales "self-help" books I've read, I found this one helpful. I'm sharing my biggest takeaways here. I do recommend getting a copy yourself (no, I'm not getting commission).

cliff notes

Iowa State football coach Matt Campbell met with the media Tuesday afternoon to preview the upcoming game against fifth-ranked Oklahoma (11 a.m./ABC) in Jack Trice Stadium on Saturday. Here are some cliff notes from the session:

Use this page to get up-to-date information on pests of ornamental plants around the home, and in nurseries, greenhouses, and Christmas tree plantations. This is a compilation of lectures and websites I have developed at Purdue University. Many of the photos are original, others have been taken by colleagues as indicated. Each presentation is updated yearly as I make changes in my class notes and update topic areas I cover in my extension talks. The page is divided into 5 distinct areas:

Microsoft's note-taking software is one of the best tools that any student can have at their disposal. However, when it comes to making your own "cliff notes" on a novel, pen and paper really can't compete with a more high-tech alternative.

When you're using a physical notebook, it's all too easy for things to get disorganized. With OneNote, you can make sure that everything's laid out in a way that makes it simple to find the notes you need. What's more, you can reorganize and reorder your notes at any time.

I'm going to keep a page where I note down all the quotes that jump out at me as I read the book, which I've divided into sections. I've also started taking notes on some themes. I want to link each theme to the relevant group of quotes.

A major advantage to working with OneNote rather than a paper notebook is that you can keep all your digital documents in one place. For instance, I've been reading the eBook version of 1984 on my iPad, and making some notes as I go along.

Do you have another tip for using OneNote to make notes on a book? Or are you looking for help with a particular aspect of the software? Either way, let us know in the comments section below. 041b061a72


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