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Tyrion and Teclis: The Quest for Sunfang in Sword of Caledor by William King - Free Zip Download

Sword of Caledor William King Downloadzip: A Review of the Second Book in the Tyrion and Teclis Trilogy

If you are a fan of fantasy novels, especially those set in the Warhammer world, you might have heard of Sword of Caledor, the second book in the Tyrion and Teclis trilogy by William King. But what is this book about? Who is the author? And how does it compare with the other books in the series? In this article, we will answer these questions and more, and show you where you can download Sword of Caledor for free.

Sword Of Caledor William King Downloadzip


What is Sword of Caledor?

Sword of Caledor is a fantasy novel published in 2012 by Games Workshop. It is part of the Warhammer Fantasy series, a popular franchise that includes tabletop games, video games, comics, and novels. Sword of Caledor is the second book in the Tyrion and Teclis trilogy, which follows the adventures of two legendary high elf heroes, Tyrion and Teclis, as they face various enemies and challenges in their quest to save their homeland, Ulthuan, from destruction.

Who is William King?

William King is a Scottish author who has written over 30 novels for Games Workshop. He is best known for creating the Gotrek and Felix series, which features a dwarf slayer and a human poet who travel across the Warhammer world, fighting monsters and villains. He is also the author of several Space Wolf novels, which are set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. He currently lives in Prague, Czech Republic, with his wife and sons.

What is the Tyrion and Teclis trilogy?

The Tyrion and Teclis trilogy is a series of three novels that tell the story of Tyrion and Teclis, two twin brothers who are descended from Aenarion, the first Phoenix King of Ulthuan. Tyrion is an unparalleled swordsman and tactician, while Teclis is a powerful sorcerer whose magic rivals that of Caledor Dragontamer, the founder of the high elf dragon cult. Together, they are the greatest heroes of their race, and they face many dangers and enemies in their quest to protect Ulthuan from invasion and corruption.

Summary of Sword of Caledor

The plot

In Sword of Caledor, Tyrion and Teclis venture into the deadly jungles of Lustria on a desperate hunt for the lost sword of Caledor Dragontamer, the fabled Sunfang. This ancient artefact is said to be able to cut through anything, even dragon scales, and it could be a decisive weapon in the war against the dark elves. However, they are not the only ones who seek Sunfang. The Witch King Malekith, the leader of the dark elves and their arch-enemy, has sent his best assassin, Urian Poisonblade, to kill them. Meanwhile, in the Realm of Chaos, Malekith's mother Morathi, a powerful sorceress, makes a pact with N'Kari, a sinister daemon who has a personal grudge against Tyrion and Teclis. The twins must overcome many perils and foes in their quest, and they will also learn more about their heritage and destiny.

The characters

The main characters of Sword of Caledor are Tyrion and Teclis, the twin brothers who are the protagonists of the trilogy. They are both brave, loyal, and noble, but they also have their flaws and doubts. Tyrion is impulsive, reckless, and proud, while Teclis is frail, sickly, and insecure. They have a strong bond, but they also have conflicts and disagreements. They are supported by several allies, such as Korhien Ironglaive, a high elf sea captain who guides them to Lustria; Lileath, the goddess of dreams who gives them visions and advice; and Finubar, the current Phoenix King who trusts them with his secrets. They are opposed by many enemies, such as Malekith, the Witch King who seeks to conquer Ulthuan and claim the throne of Aenarion; Urian Poisonblade, the dark elf assassin who is skilled in stealth and poison; Morathi, the Witch Queen who schemes and plots in the Realm of Chaos; and N'Kari, the daemon of Slaanesh who lusts for revenge and destruction.

The setting

The setting of Sword of Caledor is the Warhammer world, a dark and grim fantasy world where magic and monsters are common. The book mainly takes place in two locations: Ulthuan and Lustria. Ulthuan is the island continent that is the home of the high elves, a proud and ancient race that values art, culture, and magic. Ulthuan is divided into ten kingdoms, each ruled by a prince or princess who owes allegiance to the Phoenix King. Ulthuan is under constant threat from the dark elves, who are their twisted cousins that live in Naggaroth, a frozen wasteland across the sea. The dark elves are cruel, sadistic, and ruthless, and they worship Khaine, the god of murder. Lustria is another continent that lies to the west of Ulthuan. It is a tropical jungle that is inhabited by the lizardmen, a race of reptilian creatures that serve the Old Ones, mysterious beings that created the Warhammer world. Lustria is full of ancient temples and ruins that contain secrets and treasures from the past. It is also home to many dangers and beasts, such as giant snakes, spiders, crocodiles, dinosaurs, and more.

Analysis of Sword of Caledor

The strengths

One of the strengths of Sword of Caledor is its fast-paced and action-packed plot. The book is full of exciting scenes and battles that keep the reader engaged and entertained. The book also explores more of the Warhammer world and its lore, especially Lustria and its mysteries. The book also develops the characters of Tyrion and Teclis further, showing their growth and challenges as they face their enemies and their destiny.

The weaknesses

One of the weaknesses of Sword of Caledor is its lack of originality and depth. The book follows a typical fantasy formula that does not offer much surprise or innovation. The book also relies on many clichés and tropes that are common in the genre, such as prophecy, chosen ones, ancient artefacts, evil villains, etc. The book also does not explore much of the themes or issues that could arise from the story, such as morality, identity, loyalty, etc.

The themes

Some of the themes that Sword of Caledor explores are: - Destiny: Tyrion and Teclis are destined to be great heroes who will shape the fate of Ulthuan and the Warhammer world. They have a prophecy that foretells their role in the end times. They also have a bloodline that connects them to Aenarion and Caledor Dragontamer. However, they also have free will and choices that can affect their destiny. - Heritage: Tyrion and Teclis are proud of their heritage as high elves and descendants of Aenarion. They value their culture and traditions that have been passed down for millennia. However, they also have to deal with the dark side of their heritage, such as the curse of Aenarion that haunts their family line. - Brotherhood: Tyrion and Teclis are twin brothers who share a strong bond. They love each other and support each other in their quest. However, they also have differences and conflicts that strain their relationship. They have to balance their individuality and their brotherhood.

Comparison with other books in the trilogy

Blood of Aenarion

Blood of Aenarion is the first book in the Tyrion and Teclis trilogy. It introduces the main characters and their background, and sets the stage for the conflict between the high elves and the dark elves. It also reveals the prophecy that involves Tyrion and Teclis, and the curse that affects their family. The book focuses on the defense of Ulthuan from a massive invasion by Malekith and his forces. The book also features a subplot involving a dark elf spy who infiltrates the high elf court and tries to assassinate the Everqueen.

Bane of Malekith

Bane of Malekith is the third and final book in the Tyrion and Teclis trilogy. It concludes the story of the twins and their role in the end times. It also reveals more secrets and twists about their heritage and destiny. The book focuses on the assault on Naggaroth by Tyrion and his army, who seek to end Malekith's reign once and for all. The book also features a subplot involving Teclis and his quest to find a way to stop N'Kari from destroying Ulthuan.


Sword of Caledor is a thrilling and entertaining fantasy novel that continues the saga of Tyrion and Teclis, two of the most famous heroes in the Warhammer world. It is a well-written and well-paced book that delivers plenty of action, adventure, magic, and intrigue. It is also a book that expands the lore and history of the Warhammer world, especially Lustria and its secrets. It is a book that fans of fantasy and Warhammer will enjoy reading.

If you are interested in reading Sword of Caledor, you can download it for free from this link: This is a safe and legal site that offers thousands of books in PDF format for free. You can also find other books by William King and other Warhammer novels on this site.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Sword of Caledor:

- Q: Do I need to read Blood of Aenarion before reading Sword of Caledor?

- A: It is recommended that you read Blood of Aenarion first, as it introduces the main characters and their background, and sets up the plot for Sword of Caledor. However, you can still enjoy Sword of Caledor as a standalone book, as it provides enough information and context for new readers.

- Q: Is Sword of Caledor suitable for young readers?

- A: Sword of Caledor is a fantasy novel that contains some violence, bloodshed, death, and dark themes. It is not a children's book, but it is not excessively graphic or explicit either. It is suitable for mature readers who can handle some dark and grim elements.

- Q: How long is Sword of Caledor?

- A: Sword of Caledor is 416 pages long in paperback format. It has 19 chapters and an epilogue.

- Q: What are some other books similar to Sword of Caledor?

- A: Some other books similar to Sword of Caledor are: - The Legend of Sigmar trilogy by Graham McNeill, which tells the story of Sigmar Heldenhammer, the founder of the Empire and the greatest human hero in the Warhammer world. - The Sundering trilogy by Gav Thorpe, which tells the story of the civil war between the high elves and the dark elves that shaped their history and destiny. - The Chronicles of Malus Darkblade by Dan Abnett and Mike Lee, which tells the story of Malus Darkblade, a dark elf lord who seeks to regain his soul from a daemon.

- Q: Where can I find more information about Sword of Caledor and Warhammer?

- A: You can find more information about Sword of Caledor and Warhammer on these websites: - The official Warhammer website:

- The Warhammer Wiki:

- The Black Library website: 71b2f0854b


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