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the use of instrumentation techniques and monitoring equipment is becoming increasingly widespread, thanks to their usefulness for monitoring and preventing accidents and other events. this paper reviews the different applications of these techniques, with reference to several ways of developing these applications and systems. an inventory has been made of the technologies used for monitoring, and a bibliography has been provided. questions of the legal and ethical aspects of the use of these techniques have also been dealt with, along with a consideration of the most suitable areas of development of these techniques, on the basis of their usefulness. the surveillance systems are divided into three broad categories, depending on the timescale on which their data are recorded: (i) short-term, (ii) medium-term and (iii) long-term.

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knowledge-based systems may be very useful, as shown in this publication, for determining the fracture characteristics of materials and structures. such values as stress intensity, crack length, critical crack length, critical load-carrying capacity, etc. can be found easily and automatically by specifying relatively few items, such as material, geometry and loads. in addition, valuable information can be provided to nde investigators. although this research is in its infancy, valuable results have already been found which help in forecasting promising avenues of research in the development of knowledge-based systems. also, if developed satisfactorily, future handbooks may take a major turn in drawing upon black box capabilities of knowledge-based systems.


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