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Sep 27, 2020
In Welcome to the Forum
Hello all, my name is Rick and this is my first venture into turning my hobby/passion into a business. I became interested in working with wood late in life and after moving to the North Georgia mountains. A friend called one day and asked if I would like a Wood Turning Lathe. Not really knowing much about turning, I asked a lot of questions. Turned out that he had a lathe that was taking up space that he needed to clear. Actually, the lathe was still new in the box... All he asked was that I give it a try, and it was mine... OK, but, I suggested that instead of simply giving it to me, let's just call it a permanent loan, and that anytime he wants it back, it is still his... An amazing thing happened... I fell in love with this art and have been turning ever since... As I learned more about turning, I began to look for new ways to enhance my art. Turn a platter, yes, enhance it with pyrography, yes... great idea. Well, I found out that I am not much of an artist after all... I did meet a young lady that plays in our church orchestra that is a very good artist, and she has used my pyrography tools to collaborate on several projects. My next venture was to add a CNC machine with a laser attachment. The idea was to enhance the turning. With the new system, I quickly found out that there are so many more projects that can be accomplished with a CNC system. Once the project has completed the design phase, the system takes to job and works pretty much on it own and cuts it according to the plan. This can be anything from signs, 3D models, dishes, platters, household items, jewelry boxes, furniture... pretty much anything the imagination can come up with... What would be projects that you would like to see from the CNC? If you are a turner, how would you see the two technologies working together?
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